Heirlooms [noun]

Definition of Heirlooms:

something inherited, often antique

Synonyms of Heirlooms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heirlooms:


Sentence/Example of Heirlooms:

It was the triumph of the people, and their heirlooms do not take the form of priceless embroideries.

He wondered also if she asked herself what part he had had in the disappearance of the Valley House heirlooms.

These were stoutly bound volumes, many of them heirlooms, their pages bearing the marks of patient and persistent handling.

He has so far succeeded in instigating the Boer nation to acts which involve the forfeiture of their special heirlooms.

The fragrance seemed never to die out of those old things that became family heirlooms.

One feels inclined to wonder at the extravagance of those days, when one sees some of the heirlooms that have come down to us.

Do rich people generally pawn their family heirlooms and permit them to be sold?

In the great safe in her dressing-room was stored an array of beautiful jewels—the Bracondale heirlooms.

It may be they were all heirlooms and so not to be parted with.

I don't care in the least since I haven't wrecked any of our Colonial heirlooms.