Heirship [noun]

Definition of Heirship:

person's background, tradition

Synonyms of Heirship:

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Sentence/Example of Heirship:

Many other lords made vows anent sundry matters, & all men drank the heirship ale.

The bookseller secretly resolved to admit the good woman to a half share of the profits of her 'heirship,' and 'Chrysal' appeared.

Not that Tom ever thought of this result to his heirship, he was too unsuspicious even for a thought of the kind.

The proposition was to limit the law of inheritance, and substitute the heirship of the state for all collateral heirs.

Common heirship in the things of the spirit makes a closer bond than common heirship in the things of the body.

That is the spirit of the Oriental fatalist, not of the son conscious of his sonship, of his heirship.

God took Solomon, and in him the whole line of kings on David's throne, into the relation of sonship, and thus of heirship.

There are 10,000 francs income from his father and the heirship inalienable; it would be misery for us, but independence for him.

This situation does not exclude, it implies fatherly affection and care on the one side, and heirship on the other.

Through His bitter passion and death He reconciled us to the Father, and acquired for us the heirship of heaven.