Held [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Held:

He held it, but it was without pressure; without recognizance of the delight with which he once grasped it.

The aged woman made no reply; her eyes still studied Ramona's face, and she still held her hand.

Mr. Jones swung round a large iron key he held in his hand, and light dawned upon him.

As Spain, however, has fallen from the high place she once held, her colonial system has also gone down.

Beside her was a box of bonbons, which she held out at intervals to Madame Ratignolle.

They came forward, a little timidly, and their latest visitor held out a hand to each.

But to wave this discourse of Heathens, how many self-contradicting principles are there held among Christians?

When I was at Portugal, there was held at that time the court of justice of the Inquisition.

Election of representatives from New York to consider the federal constitution held.

The living (value £250) is in the gift of trustees, and is now held by the Rev. M. Parker, Vicar.