Helicopters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Helicopters:

Despite initially climbing upwards, the helicopter then descended, continuing that left turn, and crashed into terrain.

Once he was in the clouds, the investigators said Zobayan likely became disoriented as he lost visual references, thinking he was climbing when, in fact, the helicopter was plunging toward a hillside.

Instead of driving the same scenic route as other cars, you’re floating or flying above it all in a hot-air balloon or helicopter.

That’s puzzling and frustrating considering the amount of helicopter money Washington has dumped on the economy in recent quarters.

After a quick scan of the helicopter pickup area, Jim, our pilot, began to climb.

It includes purchases for tactical robots, a mobile high-definition trailer that can act as a lookout during protests and helicopters equipped with thermal-imagining cameras that detect body heat in the dark.

Search out a meadow or open ridgeline near home base and build a fire there where it can easily be spotted from a plane or helicopter.

“I believe there is a chance that Kobe and Gianna would still be alive today if their helicopter had been equipped with the safety equipment required by this pending federal legislation,” she said in a statement.

I’ve been more snippy in the pandemic—suddenly I’m this helicopter parent.

When Wanda picks up the helicopter to examine it, she spots a picture of a sword on its side.