Helix [noun]

Definition of Helix:

bow, loop

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Sentence/Example of Helix:

Based on enormously complicated biophysics—much of which remains mysterious—the string folds into delicate shapes, such as sheets of twisting and turning strands, or helices that wrap around each other.

The largest is Helix pomatia (figured on pp. 11 and 12), which often goes by the name of “the edible snail.”

In 1878 he removed to Umatilla county, Oregon, where he took up a homestead and a timber culture near Helix.

He went carelessly too near the still revolving machinery, and his coat-flap was caught and wound into the helix of the pugmill.

There are to be found in this bed of marl several species of helix and voluta.

If the latter is in the form of a helix its magnetic field resembles that of a straight bar magnet.

In fact the helix has the properties of a magnet with north- and south-seeking poles while a current is flowing through it.

The direction of the current in a helix (Fig. 232) or the polarity of its core may be determined by another right-hand rule.

The electromagnet is defined as a mass of iron around which is placed a helix for conducting an electric current.

Attached at one end to the base-plate is a flexible tube d, consisting simply of a helix of wire closely coiled.