Hellions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hellions:

She was some hellion, there on the top of the world, clawing and scratching tooth and nail—a regular she cat.

I've been sivinteen years living down a reputation as a hellion.

If it was anybody else I'd say it was crazy, but you're such a doggoned hellion of a go-getter mebbe you can put it over.

If these places you speak of call for a stubborn hellion, then you've got the right party.

If I cut loose and danced the way I like to, they'd think I was a perfect hellion—poor harmless me!

"My cousin gathers them for the old hellion," nodded Jerran.

Ugly rumors—Dines did this, Dines did that, Dines is a red hellion.

What have you got to say to the way you double-crossed me, you old one-eyed hellion?

Ye sez thet old hellion used ter dwell in this hyar house onc't?

This young hellion walks inter sure death traps an' walks out ergin.