Helm [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Helm:

At the helm of FaZe Clan, he’s helped build out one of the most followed esports organizations in the world.

Neuberger took the helm at the NSA’s newly created Cybersecurity Directorate a year ago as part of the agency’s renewed effort to disrupt foreign adversaries and help Americans stay secure.

Gaspar would be out of office and they’d likely remove Desmond from the helm of SANDAG, to be replaced with two of their own.

They also have a steady hand at the helm in veteran manager Dusty Baker.

This allowed for an efficient manufacturing process of modular pieces, like extended cheek guards that could be attached to the main helm through hinges.

Malcolm asked her gently to go back to the helm and keep it jammed hard-a-starboard until they arrived at the left bank.

It was seen just in time to put the helm a-lee, or we should have run upon it.

She felt herself but a ship on a sea of troubles, whose helm was guided by that experienced sailor, her cousin Lucy.

The order was promptly obeyed, and the helm shoved hard a-port, but there was no responsive sheer.

During all this time Mr Jones sat at the helm of his little boat, and held steadily out to sea.