Helmet [noun]

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These goggles—in conjunction with a lightweight helmet, huge zippers on my ski pants, and air-permeable insulation layers—allow me to just rip off my skins, throw them in my pack, adjust my boots and bindings, and descend as fast as possible.

Scientists from Kernel, a neurotech company near Los Angeles, have invented a helmet, just now hitting the market, that is essentially a portable brain scanner that can pick up activity in certain brain areas.

Glancey’s attorney didn’t answer questions about which helmet the plaintiff bought, or when.

In a melee at the West Terrace of the Capitol building, Fanone had his helmet removed and was dragged down a set of steps by rioters.

City law requires users to wear helmets and have a driver’s license.

If I’m wearing a helmet, there’s an added layer of complexity, because the Leggero’s strap gets caught in the helmet’s strap.

A citizen patriotic enough to strap on a gun and a helmet should have the opportunity to have a tangible introduction to what he or she is protecting before a crisis.

Members of the group are seen on video wearing helmets and military-style gear, and moving purposefully toward the top of the Capitol steps and leading the move against police lines, court records said.

A rioter grabbed his gas mask from the bottom and shoved upward, tearing it off his helmet.

Looking to recoup revenue lost during the pandemic, the NHL sold sponsorship rights for its renamed divisions and will allow small advertisements on player helmets for the first time this year.