Helpers [noun]

Definition of Helpers:


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Sentence/Example of Helpers:

After a while, one of his helpers came up and murmured something into his big red ear.

Why were there not such strong helpers in her life as women in books always found?

The legends of the individual "Holy Helpers" were compiled from authors whose writings have the approval of the Church.

Ethiopia and Egypt were the strength thereof, and there is no end: Africa and the Libyans were thy helpers.

Frequently they are the most important helpers in club life, exerting a positive, upbuilding influence.

She and Louise were very anxious to be helpers, but were not content with small every-day opportunities.

No man lives a life of intellectual productivity alone; he needs not only material and opportunity, but helpers, resonators.

In all his work, both spiritual and political, Mar Shimun has had two helpers, one of whom is with him still.

They mean that you promise to be helpers, and that is something more than getting up entertainments as we did for the harp man.

There was no news, and again the same earnest friends, with many more kind helpers, set out on their almost hopeless journey.