Helpfully [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Helpfully:

"I remember seeing an old broken sieve around the ranch house somewhere," Grace suggested helpfully.

"Doubtless there are many others equally enticing," suggested Shen Yi helpfully.

"Maybe he's connected with one of the automobile companies that are exhibiting here," she suggested, helpfully.

It always encourages me; and I wish some one would write as helpfully to her, for she needs cheering up with all the care she has.

And Brian helpfully would be shocked and thrilled at the sacrificial tribute of penance.

As the elective principle is essentially ethical, its limitations, if helpfully congruous, must be ethical too.

"And we can put the window up," suggested Sunny Boy helpfully.

This text was compared to scans of the pamphlet that Google has helpfully made available.

The chief nodded helpfully, and a little look of wonder came over his face.

But one mind still held possession of its resources—but one guiding spirit now moved helpfully in the house of mourning.