Helplessly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Helplessly:

Some large part of America feels helpless before forces they don’t understand, while the rest of us feel helpless before people we don’t understand.

Arrived at the boat, they found Mayne standing in the water and leaning helplessly against the side of the craft.

After a time she managed to grope her way to her bedroom, where, turning up the light, she sank down helplessly upon the bed.

The deadly coil has made possible the devastating spectacle in Europe, which we are helplessly looking on.

She stopped just inside the threshold, and looking from one to the other with a scared face, stood wringing her hands helplessly.

One of the pack-horses fell and lay helplessly in the stream until it was fairly dragged to its feet.

Sogrange took them up helplessly, one after the other, reading the names aloud and letting them fall through his fingers.

Gertrude's eyebrows, raised helplessly, were a note on the folly and infatuation of the child's mother.

The girl lifted her great troubled eyes to him, but no word passed her lips, and Hale helplessly left her.

They were towed helplessly along the wreck-pack's rim toward the Martian Queen.