Helpmeet [noun]

Definition of Helpmeet:

partner in marriage

Synonyms of Helpmeet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Helpmeet:


Sentence/Example of Helpmeet:

No loving helpmeet had cheered him in his efforts, or with womanly tenderness ministered to his wants.

She was her husband's helpmeet in business as well as in household affairs, and he often consulted her on affairs of state.

They were married August 17, 1843; and he never had cause to regret his choice, for she proved to him a helpmeet indeed.

Of course, I am not referring to the courageous helpmeet who stands by her husband in bearing the burdens of life.

The young master of Kirkleatham ruled well and wisely, and Ethel proved a noble helpmeet.

He took a street-car back to the station and found his nominal helpmeet sitting just where he had left her.

He believed she might have made him an admirable copartner and practical helpmeet: he was wrong.

Have you heard that our dear Chaplain's helpmeet has recently taken this journey?

Much of his success is due to his faithful Christian wife, who has ever been his true friend and helpmeet.

The phoenix has had her share of playing helpmeet to a man of letters, and does not care to repeat that experience.