Helps [noun]

Definition of Helps:

assistance, relief

Synonyms of Helps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Helps:

Sentence/Example of Helps:

We have to remember that his daily life, where the home is orderly, helps to impress on him regularity of form.

It reappears during a relapse, and thus helps to distinguish between a relapse and a complication, in which it does not reappear.

They take him along whenever they play games, thinking the mascot helps them to win.

Uncle David had none of that small diplomatic genius that helps to make a good attorney.

Thus the facts help us devise the number phrase, and the phrase helps revive the facts.

The French text helps but little; it means—'whenever thou comest nearer her.'

But I don't see that that sort of thing helps him to decide upon the most suitable career for a young man in after-war conditions.

Sometimes Frank, the hired man who helps Farmer Green, is late and does not go for the cows.

Farmer Green has a man who helps him plough, feed the cows and horses, and with all the work on the farm.

He helps his mother in the house, he takes care of the chickens, he makes friends with the sheep.