Hemmed [verb]

Definition of Hemmed:

enclose, restrict

Synonyms of Hemmed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hemmed:

Sentence/Example of Hemmed:

It’s made from a blend of nylon, polyester, and recycled wool, with a quarter-zip opening and a stretchy ribbed hem and cuffs.

There is also a rib knit at the body hem, and stretch-nylon binding at the interior seams, sleeve-cuff openings, and hood opening.

Cut like a bomber jacket, the Senna is fitted with a stretchy hem that holds the jacket tight to the wearer’s body.

Hemmed in on all sides by the enemy, concentration of all his detachments for general retreat was impossible.

Thus it looked as if the Confederates were hemmed in, and if everything went right, could be captured.

The broad unwieldy carriages hemmed them up against the houses in the narrow streets.

Two young women had, however, just emerged from among the towering firs that hemmed in the muskeg.

The college is a very fine building, but is unfortunately hemmed in by a number of other buildings which hide its façade.

The mighty glacier seemed like a great river frozen into ice, hemmed in by the steep rocks.

The mob, feeling itself hemmed in between two parallel lines of bayonets, gave sufficiently to let the military party reunite.