Hemming [verb]

Definition of Hemming:

enclose, restrict

Synonyms of Hemming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hemming:

Sentence/Example of Hemming:

She made a little moue at me, and went on hemming the curtains, getting up now and then to measure them.

But to think of the difference between Parson Hemming and Mr. Gray!

Mother could hardly use it again even for hemming floor-cloths.

The manufacturer did not reply, and the professor, after a preliminary hemming, held his peace.

Miss Hemming, the future Mrs. Guy, was by no means deficient in peculiarity from his people's point of view.

The girls were offering box after box, and, like flies attracted to the sweeter things, the Bobbies were hemming in.

Miss Hemming said nothing, but looked all the more decided with her mouth quite shut.

To us had belonged the mastery of the sea for years, the heavier element hemming our tight little island around.

There were a thousand dusky natives hemming in but fifty Gurkha soldiers and one British officer.

"But—you will never venture to attack whoever is hemming in these British soldiers," cried Mr. Reitberg, aghast.