Hemorrhage [verb]

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Recognition of occult hemorrhage has its greatest value in diagnosis of gastric cancer and ulcer.

Yellowish or brown, needle-like or rhombic crystals of hematoidin (Fig. 32) may be seen after hemorrhage into the bowel.

As for me, I have to lay aside my lawn tennis, having (as was to be expected) had a smart but eminently brief hemorrhage.

"It's nothing serious; just a—pretty bad hemorrhage," he said, finding it necessary to pause between words.

The danger, as I have already told you, lies in renewed hemorrhage; but that I hope we can prevent.

It was as likely as not a charge of buck-shot low down in the body, leaving the rest to hemorrhage or gangrene.

At the hospital, Felix Baran, shot in the abdomen, slowly and painfully passed away from internal hemorrhage.

Here she was interrupted by a terrible fit of coughing, and a gush of blood from some internal hemorrhage.

He was guilty of many excesses and is reported to have died of a hemorrhage on the day following his marriage with Ildico .

His illness is an internal hemorrhage, which has been wasting him for a long time.