Hence [adverb]

Definition of Hence:

for that reason; therefore

Synonyms of Hence:

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Sentence/Example of Hence:

Hence arise factions, dissensions, and loss to their religious interests and work; and these intruders seek to rule the others.

Hence Napoleon was driven more and more to trust to the advice of the rash, unstable King of Naples.

Hence it can be seen what hope there is of establishing a flourishing christian church by such evangelists.

Hence their presence elsewhere, in spite of their passionate attachment to their free native hills.

Hence it was that he found in Great Britain an implacable enemy ever stirring up against him European coalitions.

So it came to pass that another change came into his life, hence another epoch in the unusual life was his.

Hence, shortage of ammunition and shortage of water, which last was the worse felt to-day.

And hence the reader can notice the fundamental difference between all other methods and mine.

Hence, at the end of the war, the provision for redemption of Bank of England notes will work automatically.

Hence we see that Mount Everest being 29,002 feet high must be more than five miles high.