Henceforth [adverb]

Definition of Henceforth:

from now on

Synonyms of Henceforth:

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Sentence/Example of Henceforth:

My son,” said Grabantak one evening to Chingatok, “if we are henceforth to live in peace, why not unite and become one nation?

Henceforth he must remember Winifred only when his sword was at the throat of some wretched mutineer appealing for mercy.

These figures drop into that mould and henceforth are remembered without difficulty.

"Unemployment," in the case of the willing and able becomes henceforth a social crime.

Instead of our small craft working to and fro in half mile runs, henceforth they will have to cover 60 miles per trip.

There is no proof positive that it was henceforth his invariable rule to put this kind of finish.

To strengthen the bonds so loosely yet so finely drawn must henceforth be the constant duty of the Statesmen of the Empire.

I shall die content;Henceforth, with destiny, no more regretThat I e'er saw the light.

It was the sight of her mother busying herself in her room that roused her, and henceforth she became alive to her position.

Here then is our mistake, and let it forever henceforth be corrected.