Henchmen [noun]

Definition of Henchmen:


Opposite/Antonyms of Henchmen:

Sentence/Example of Henchmen:

And so Sintram became one of Theodoric's henchmen, and served him long and faithfully.

The horrors that are Selba's henchmen—three times some of them came to the ship, once in a band of over a hundred.

Some of the henchmen were there; they grow rigid, afraid to move afraid to glance my way out of the corners of their eyes.

The henchmen led the spare charger which for some reason always formed part of the royal procession.

I never had any doubt but that he and his henchmen instigated this cowardly assault upon me.

He checked again to see that the wire was tight, and then picked up the two henchmen who were showing some signs of reviving.

We want him alive if possible, or dead if it must be so, and we want as many of his henchmen as will follow him to the guillotine.

He shook his head sadly and went shuffling back to his room, where two of his part-time henchmen were sitting.

Outside, they had a truck waiting; Rusty and Corey's two henchmen were busy loading it with ammunition from the cellar.

I was in no mood to look upon the offense of my henchmen lightly.