Henpecked [adjective]

Definition of Henpecked:

dominated by one's wife

Synonyms of Henpecked:

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Sentence/Example of Henpecked:

Martha paid as little attention to the old man's injunctions as a predominant dame gives to those of a henpecked husband.

He still believed that she was excessively fond of him—a common delusion of husbands, especially when henpecked.

Socrates was henpecked, and was one of the greatest philosophers in the world—but the rule does not hold good any longer.

I saw one instance where a henpecked husband "ran amok" and killed or wounded seventeen people before he himself was killed.

I am prepared to become an awful example of a henpecked husband.

The plain truth was that poor Isaac was at times badly henpecked.

In a house where the wife is master—the husband henpecked:—'the grey mare is the better horse.'

Here was a transformation from the paternal position into that of a henpecked husband!

She nagged and henpecked him till I'd have been sorry if 'twas anybody else; as 'twas, I got consider'ble satisfaction out of it.

Skimmington, skim′ing-ton, n. a burlesque procession intended to ridicule a henpecked husband: a riot generally.