Heralded [verb]

Definition of Heralded:

bring message

Synonyms of Heralded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heralded:

Sentence/Example of Heralded:

Was Sir Hugh Wheeler aware of the proposed marriage, with all the terrible consequences that it heralded?

Irregular spurts of musketry heralded the appearance of confused masses of armed men.

Heralded by the host, the Parisian then mounted the stairs to Monsieur de Condillac's apartments.

Play-writers heralded it on the stage, bestowing upon it the passport of literary sanction.

The Richmond (p. 377) papers published the news, and it was heralded through the North.

Thus the change in the artistic outlook was heralded long before the curtain went up upon the events of 1789.

Heralded by the snuffle of the horses, light began glimmering over a chaos of lines and shadows, pale as mother-o'-pearl.

It always heralded some disaster when it appeared before him in dreamland.

Truly would he of himself constitute the much-heralded Yellow Peril were it not for his present management.

It was heralded by an extra strong wind and the usual liberal allowance of drift.