Heralding [verb]

Definition of Heralding:

bring message

Synonyms of Heralding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heralding:

Sentence/Example of Heralding:

As one company passed, the measured bleat and squeal of the pipes faded and merged into a sound heralding the approach of another.

Some people who had been cycling came home, a buzz of talk and laughter heralding their approach.

The Cosimo Pratts were not outfaced from anything; they had merely seen a new and heralding light.

Precocious harbinger of a host of flowers, its gay heralding over, it vanishes not to be recalled, for it bears no edible fruit.

Behind the strange lights and noises heralding death there were solid people who ate sausages, and could be killed.

Within a few days, and without much heralding, has occurred an event of prime importance to our country's future.

He came at last, Jim's voice speaking to his horses heralding his approach.

A chilling breeze crept across a field, heralding the dawn and bringing shivers to the boys.

Figures representing Victory are upon the arms of the vase, heralding the triumph of Freedom.

Soon a dozen brands had shot forward, heralding the crackling fiend behind.