Heralds [noun]

Definition of Heralds:

omen, messenger

Synonyms of Heralds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heralds:


Sentence/Example of Heralds:

With any luck, it may be a herald of things to come as the sport's organizers explore the potential for a US series in the next few years.

Ike had read the "Herald," with all about "the great prize fight" in it, and had become entirely carried away with it.

The announcements of the meets in this and adjoining counties appear regularly in the Midland Counties' Herald.

Voices sounded behind him, and with them a great glare of ruddy light came to herald the arrival of his men.

Therefore the Herald is going to print that wild story of Hunt's to-night and comment upon the audacity of the scheme.

Then a herald made sure that neither knight had fastened himself to his saddle.

Their sons occupy their places in the sanctuary, and another herald of the cross proclaims to them the word of life.

This, to a little girl, presumably the herald of Joyce's approach, who had been peeping in through the crack of a rear door.

The principal events in relation to this affair are detailed in the subjoined account from the Missionary Herald.

Let us now proclaim for the robust host, for the herald of the powerful Indra, their ancient greatness!