Herbage [noun]

Definition of Herbage:

plant life

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Sentence/Example of Herbage:

It was the merest baby—half-an-ounce, perhaps—and it fell from the hook into the herbage some yards from the stream.

It immediately destroys all sorts of moss, makes a tender herbage spring up, and eradicates a number of weeds.

They bounded through the tall herbage "like grasshoppers" and were remarkably agile in climbing.

If the herbage or other food affect the taste of the milk or cream, it will also modify the flavor of the cheese.

Herbage and pasture are wanting in this country, as is also the ox, whose place is supplied by the camel.

The stomach is very small in sheep that are fed with grain, while it becomes very large in those that are fed with herbage.

It only raises its head out of the water to feed on the herbage upon the shore.

This edge was fringed with what looked like herbage, but, seen through a powerful field-glass, proved to be great forest trees.

The great plenty of herbage, and its succulent quality, produced this effect, proofs of which we have in our own climate.

After resting awhile on low herbage, all, as if guided by one impulse, fly to the nearest stream.