Herbal [adjective]

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Mace-Turner has since moved on to launch another wellness company, Mab & Stoke, which produces custom herbal supplements tabs, in 2019.

It is true that Culpeper's Herbal appeared later, but this bombastic work was of no botanical value.

Elecampane, now known as the sweetmeat of childhood, was esteemed for ages in the domestic herbal.

A thought is very little more than a dry flower; but the man has perished and the flower still lies in the herbal.

On returning to his father's house, he found a copy of Gerard's Herbal, which fixed his taste.

The Herbal published by Matthiolus at Venice in the year 1633 is a particularly fine book.

It is an Herbal printed at Frankfort in 1535, and is bound in dark calf, decorated with blind lines and gold stamped work.

Here the saintly disciple spread the message of Kriya Yoga, and prepared for public benefit certain yogic herbal 35-18 medicines.

Nor is the mystery of numbers lacking in these herbal prescriptions, particularly the numbers three and nine.

One prescription is unique, for the “herb” which one is directed to use is not to be found in any other herbal in existence.