Herd [noun]

Definition of Herd:

large group

Synonyms of Herd:

Opposite/Antonyms of Herd:


Sentence/Example of Herd:

If enough people resist getting a vaccine, herd immunity could be difficult to reach.

It is a good example of an effective partnership between community leaders and the public to do what’s best for humans and deer herds.

One way the pandemic can end is via “herd immunity”—that is, when enough people are vaccinated, or infected, for the outbreak to recede on its own because there aren’t enough people left to infect.

That could delay herd immunity until the fall or later, scientists say.

The road to herd immunity from the coronavirus suddenly looks longer.

For a time, after the wave of April and May subsided, scientists and government officials wondered whether the city had achieved herd immunity.

Head there in early October—and show up midweek to avoid the herds of leaf peepers—and you’ll be treated to densely packed orange and yellow maples.

If you do want to achieve herd protection, you need to reach at least two-thirds of your population.

Sure, many schools across the nation already make the trek, flooding the city with herds of kids in color-coded attire.

Working with those communities to build trust in the vaccine is necessary if public health officials want to achieve the high levels of vaccination necessary to reach herd immunity.