Herded [verb]

Definition of Herded:

gather; shepherd

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Also, herd immunity alone did not successfully control or eradicate the disease.

While herd immunity might put the end of the pandemic in sight, experts estimate that around 40 to 60 percent of a population would need to be infected to reach it.

To put it simply, herd immunity is the scientific theory that if enough of a population builds antibodies or gains immunity against a pathogen, they can protect those who are more vulnerable to infection.

The concept of “herd immunity” appears to be making a comeback as cases rise and governments struggle to control the virus while often resisting full-scale lockdowns of the type seen in the spring.

There are lessons we can learn from these previous infectious diseases but this goes beyond poorly understood concepts of herd immunity, elimination or learning to live with a virus.

In countries or areas that have already been heavily hit by the virus, herd immunity might already be close.

However, these partnerships may go a long way toward separating Bolt from the rest of the herd.

Even in the most ideal scenario with a highly effective vaccine, getting to herd immunity would require immunizing millions of people.

Why Manaus reached herd immunity when other cities haven’t remains unclear.

It will certainly reduce transmission and cases because of the herd immunity that’s going to build up through everyone being vaccinated, but this is not the end.