Herders [noun]

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Who can explain the sixth sense that warns a night-herder of a stampede a moment before the herd jumps off the bed-ground?

Except for meeting a lone herder in charge of a band of sheep, they had not met a human being in the last fifty miles.

I can't talk Spanish, and the herder says that he no savvy 'Meriky' and it's up to me to sort and claim.

It was still very early in the morning when Wade arrived at the herder's camp.

So it is on the Long Trail you so often see the herder walking with his dogs ahead of his sheep to hold them back to feed.

His writings are marked by sweetness and melody, qualities which were warmly appreciated by Lessing, Herder and Goethe.

The herder and his band keep moving over the allotted range from one camp to another until he has covered the whole range.

Before the small herder's voice asserted itself he was long out of rifleshot though not out of pony-reach.

Happy Jack grew cautious; he crept down upon the unsuspecting herder as stealthily as an animal hunting its breakfast.

The hand of the herder had almost clasped his rifle when the weight of Happy bore him shrieking to the earthen floor.