Herdsman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Herdsman:

The fresh imprint of a tiger's paw upon the pathway gives the same sort of feel to the Indian herdsman.

Galerius, an Illyrian herdsman, but exhibited more conspicuously upon the throne of empire the native barbarity of his character.

If a man has hired a herdsman for the cows or a shepherd for the sheep, he shall give him eight gur of corn per annum.

Just about sundown the stately herdsman again appeared with his motley following.

One of these stones, fifteen inches in diameter, broke through the roof of a cottage, and killed a herdsman and a bullock.

As he spoke a herd of wild cattle dashed out of the grove and scampered over the plain, followed by a herdsman on horseback.

Then I thought you would be a herdsman, but I found the cattle lowing to be milked while you roamed the forest with your dog.

A herdsman at the mansion was, shortly after the lady's death, persecuted by demons, and one morning he was found dead in bed.

The care and breeding of animals is also undertaken; the herdsman's or, as it is usually called, the nomadic, life is inaugurated.

Two children, a vineyard-watchman's son and a herdsman's little daughter, approached the spring, talking loudly together.