Hereditary [adjective]

Definition of Hereditary:

inherited; transmitted at birth

Synonyms of Hereditary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hereditary:

Sentence/Example of Hereditary:

Hereditary legislation in the twentieth century and the most civilized country in the world!

Membership in the Virginia Council was considered a position of the greatest prestige and was almost an hereditary position.

Being the hereditary Datto, the inhabitants of the valley generally sympathized with him, at least passively.

This the chapel owes to the residence of the royal family, whose passion and talent for music are hereditary.

No family history of epilepsy, insanity, nervous or other hereditary disorders in 59 per cent.

The only body which was competent to take away from the children of Maria Theresa their hereditary rights was the Comes.

In old times such a provision was ordinarily made out of the hereditary domain of the Crown.

The most significant consideration with regard to paranoia is the fact that it is practically always hereditary.

Krafft-Ebing said that he never saw a case of true and reasonably well developed paranoia without hereditary taint.

This and the peculiar notched or cleft teeth seem to point to an hereditary taint.