Heretic [noun]

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Entrez donc, 'tis the work of one of your compatriots; and here, though a heretic, you may consider yourself on English ground.

A heretic in medicine being indisposed, his physician happened to call.

Let us suppose that any one who denied the old crude errors of astrology was persecuted as a heretic.

The courtesy of the aged Bossuet, the glory of the Church of Rome, was long gratefully remembered by the young heretic.

The Church adjudged Simone heretic, and condemned her for salutary penance to the bread of suffering and the water of affliction.

Then the sovereign is an impious wretch, a heretic; his destruction is laudable; heaven rejoices in his overthrow.

The people universally attributed their distress to the government, and to their connection with heretic England.

Now every one knows, that whoever does not believe that the pope is infallible, is a heretic in his opinions.

And every child was forcibly taken from its heretic parents at the age of five, and educated in a convent.

Would the saints send the red gold of El Alisal to a heretic instead of a son of the church?