Heretical [adjective]

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In the meantime the university had taken steps to ensure the suppression of heretical books.

The Sorbonne declared, in the sixteenth century, that it was heretical to say that heretics ought not to be burned.

Thus these various national churches, all called heretical by both Greeks and Latins, continued to exist under Turkish rule.

Galling though the Irish laws were, they never went so far as to make the mere holding of heretical opinions criminal.

Massachusetts had not yet renounced her designs upon the territories of the heretical Colony.

Now when the others saw the care and attention of the priest, they said, "You have become a convert to his heretical opinions."

The whole valley is considered sacred, and hence strongly guarded against the pollution of any heretical evangelical influences.

“He did not favor me with any remarkably heretical opinions,” Miss Tresilyan replied, carelessly.

They were not even revealed to ordinary scholars, for fear of leading them towards heretical ideas.

Anchor your thoughts upon the service of Our Lady, while he is expending in vain his heretical sophistry.