Heretofore [adverb]

Definition of Heretofore:

before this time

Synonyms of Heretofore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heretofore:

Sentence/Example of Heretofore:

At last he had found permanence in a life where heretofore had been naught but transience.

I can perceive none, even though the steamships should still proceed to Liverpool as heretofore.

In all cases you must carefully comply with the rules‌ and explanations heretofore given.

As shown heretofore, the pupil must know the facts, and the System will then help him to fix their date.

This class of stop is also now finding its way into organs more generally than heretofore.

In this manner might there not be made arrangements regarding missions, more solemn than has heretofore been attempted?

This new appreciation of his character clarifies various incidents heretofore puzzling to me.

We as heretofore, have been on the extreme; either no qualification at all, or a Collegiate education.

I have understood, much better than heretofore, the "Consolations" and the "Penses d'aot."

In the evening, bonfires were made, but nothing to the great number that was heretofore at the burning of the Rump.