Heritage [noun]

Definition of Heritage:

person's background, tradition

Synonyms of Heritage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heritage:


Sentence/Example of Heritage:

Rio Tinto Group Chief Executive Officer Jean-Sebastien Jacques will step down amid an investor backlash over the destruction of ancient Aboriginal heritage sites in Australia.

One recent study estimates that only 1% of research on the impacts of climate change on heritage is related to Africa.

The movement has been led by young Kumeyaay women, who say the government has ignored evidence of the cultural heritage sites they’re now building over.

Minnesota spends around $39 million on the arts and cultural heritage every year.

Jim accidentally pinned a young bicyclist between the bumper of his Chevy C10 and a heritage oak in Palo Alto, California.

We believe NASCAR’s slandering of our Southern heritage only further divides our nation.

The community also has a Swedish heritage with the Swedish American Museum being a main cultural attraction.

American history is not inclusive of all ancestral heritages.

He knew that there was cardiac trouble in his family, but he had never realized before the meaning of his heritage.

It was only Dutch, a foolish charm, a heritage of barbarity and ignorance, but I was too weary to protest.