Heritor [noun]

Definition of Heritor:

person who has possession of

Synonyms of Heritor:

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Sentence/Example of Heritor:

The heritor who was entitled to and always received this token of respect, was Mr. Miller, proprietor of Dalswinton.

A fierce, untamed girl of primitive instincts, she was the heritor of the family temperament.

The heritor who was entitled to, and always received, this token of respect, was Miller of Dalswinton.

Oh, noble descendant of noble men—oh, noble heritor of a noble race.

He had been a sorry Norman else; no true heritor of the wild sea-kings.

"Ye'll hae nae want o' thae sma' heritor creatures after ye, dame," said he, as he condescended to sit down by the blushing widow.

The puny gentleman—a thing of yesterday—was insignificant in the presence of the cottar of Oranmore—a true heritor of the soil.