Hermeneutics [noun]

Definition of Hermeneutics:

the science of searching for hidden meaning in texts

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Sentence/Example of Hermeneutics:

It is no longer a question of hermeneutics, no longer a struggle between abstruse dogmas of rival churches.

Logic Proper: The criteria of truth; species of knowledge, and general rules of criticism and hermeneutics.

The term Hermeneutics (Greek, hermeneuo, to interpret) is commonly employed to denote the principles of scriptural interpretation.

Hermeneutics is, therefore, the science of interpretation; Exegesis, the application of this science to the word of God.

Such a right he could never have derived from humanity, or philosophy, or hermeneutics.

The history of hermeneutics in all times shows that there is but one step from the literal to the allegorical.

It is chiefly in hermeneutics that Ernesti has any claim to eminence as a theologian.

The hermeneutics of gems are uncertain, and founded on mere fanciful resemblances, on the harmonies of ideas hard to assimilate.

Mystical hermeneutics may be put to good use by out-of-the-way people.

This is a question, as the Germans express it, of hermeneutics.