Hermitages [noun]

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Buried, no doubt, in some garret hermitage or studio, they emerge thus weekly to greet silently the passing world.

Near the town is a curious ancient hermitage cave, in the sandstone.

About three hundred feet above the monastery is the old Hermitage—the Celle—now an hotel.

For a time he retired to a hermitage on a headland by Arcachon, where miracles were quickly ascribed to him.

Another tradition is, that a subterraneous passage once led from the hermitage to the priory, near the site of the present church.

They visited deep wells in the heart of the woods, where a few broken stones, perhaps, were the last remains of the hermitage.

I had begged Theresa not to invite any of her relations to the Hermitage, and she had promised me she would not.

The distance from the Hermitage to Raubonne is almost a league; in my frequent excursions to it I have sometimes slept there.

She observed the same rule at the Hermitage, knowing it was the best thing she could do.

She rejected my offer, assured me she was very well satisfied with the Hermitage, and that the country air was of service to her.