Hermits [noun]

Definition of Hermits:

person who chose to live alone

Synonyms of Hermits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hermits:


Sentence/Example of Hermits:

A trip to North Korea introduced Monisha Rajesh to Barbara Demick’s Nothing to Envy, which she describes as “a gripping examination of the so-called hermit kingdom through the voices of six defectors.”

The hole transforms from a hermit kingdom to a vigorously open system.

It was the Hermit's vast store of scientific knowledge that brought the half-dead cop back to health.

He flattened out the slip of paper and placed it on the table in front of the Hermit.

In the Ozarks he made his living by hunting and fishing, and for some years lived almost the life of a hermit.

He took an apartment in the Temple, turned his back on his friends, and became an inaccessible hermit.

"But an ordinary hermit wouldn't be able to play like a virtuoso," objected Amy.

Half an hour later they had saddled their ponies and were cantering off briskly to visit the Hermit of Gold Run.

At dawn the next day she strays far out to aPg 156 forest, where she finds a hermit.

Filled with gratitude, our hermit made a vow to undertake for the seventh time the pilgrimage to Mecca.