Heroes [noun]

Definition of Heroes:

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Sentence/Example of Heroes:

My point is not that these heroes were bad men, but that, in a book alleged to be the word of God, they are treated as heroes.

All men are not heroes, and in many countries men may become average hunters without being particularly heroic.

But very many kings, kings' sons, son-gods, and heroes had been crucified ages before Him.

Those illustrious heroes of antiquity became the companions of her solitude and of her hourly thoughts.

Their beaming faces showed what heroes they considered themselves, and they longed to get on shore to recount their adventures.

Full of tragedy is the record of this region, and amongst its numerous heroes was a Captain Hendryx.

The sudden destruction which befell them was due in the main to the devotion of these two young heroes.

Such fathers and mothers have high hopes that from their home will go forth noble men and women—yes, even heroes.

It would be poor fun, mind you, to wear heroes' clothes if you had to have a hero's heart as well.

Why shouldn't poor Lucy seek consolation as did the other villains and heroes of romance?