Heroically [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Heroically:

He returned to the London studios, playing the heroic investigator in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1936 thriller, Sabotage.

It would introduce him to some of the oldest, and in his opinion, most heroic people in the country.

It had the heroics of Owusu-Koramoah, a 215-pound senior force of wreckage from Tidewater in Virginia and coming soon to an NFL city near you.

There are also heroic efforts among NeverTrumpers, such as the team at the Bulwark, to take on purveyors of right-wing lies and nonsense.

Its hushed emptiness is about as far from heroic gestures as sculpture can go.

These Finals have yet to require a buzzer-beater, but given what we know about these teams, we shouldn’t be surprised if we see late-game heroics in one of the remaining games.

The flux of pattern dimmed, then hesitated; blanked out and heroically began anew.

He called on them as sons of Spain, and they answered heroically, as Spaniards have ever done in history: "For honour!"

There was something superb in it, something heroically mad—not the sordid drunkenness of small beer.

And truly without hope, from 1479 to 1505, they bore heroically three sieges and flung back three different armies of Florence.