Heroin [noun]

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Police said he was under the influence of heroin and found heroin and more than 200 pills in his vehicle.

Historically, Houry says, the greatest concern surrounding synthetic opioids was that they might be contaminating other opioids, such as heroin.

So-called “drug tourism” hasn’t really been a problem for Portugal, but it happened in Switzerland after officials in the 1980s and 1990s began officially “ignoring” heroin in Zurich’s Platzspitz Park.

She’s cleaning the same streets on which she once used PCP and heroin.

Looking ahead, Maze wonders if such epigenetic changes might also occur in response to other addictive drugs, including heroin, alcohol and nicotine.

In December 2015, six months into using heroin, she wanted it to end.

Mexico is the leading source of heroin and methamphetamine for the American market.

So it’s a much stronger high than you would find with heroin.

For those who have opium, cocaine, veronal, or heroin to sell can always find a ready market in London and elsewhere.

At one time Parke, Davis & Co. admitted that the preparation owed its chief value to heroin.