Hesitance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hesitance:

The hesitance over the "von" did not strike his usually keen ear.

A momentary hesitance followed, then horror gave way to furious rage, and carnage began.

However, as in all cases heretofore, they relied upon the resourcefulness and hesitance of the junior president.

And, under the influence of his reassuring kindliness, her hesitance and misgivings disappeared.

Her hesitance now made him uneasy; he recognized the necessity of increasing her reliance upon him.

The countenance of both Mr. Palford and his party expressed a certain degree of hesitance.

But men in general are not withheld by a similar hesitance from saying what they feel most deeply.

Then he went up 163 to Wellington, with much hesitance of manner.

The unknown without hesitance inscribed his name, which was John Hawksley.

Glad with eager eyes on him handed the child to Polly and sat down without a moment's hesitance, avid of what was to come.