Hesitantly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Hesitantly:

People who are in higher-risk groups for serious Covid-19 illness might also be more hesitant than people who aren’t.

On Thursday, in response to reports that some prisons had been hesitant to distribute the forms, Judge Phyllis Hamilton ordered that the IRS send prisons another notice directing them to do so.

Democrats have been hesitant to join the “defund” movement, and Republicans have indicated it’s a nonstarter for them.

Yet even many Democratic politicians have been hesitant to embrace calls to defund police departments.

The lackluster reaction other DTC IPOs has left some companies hesitant to go public.

Meanwhile, Uber’s core ride-hailing business is still suffering as people stay home and are more hesitant to ride in another person’s car.

I asked what Ingram might advise a client who is hesitant to sign the form.

Sahar told me that her parents were hesitant about the proposal because they wanted her older siblings to marry first.

Vaccine makers themselves have pushed back against the pressure to speed up development even further as well because if the public perceives a vaccine was rushed, it could make people hesitant to use their product.

If you are quite hesitant it takes too long to collect BugMuncher feedback, you should remember that it is not about your colleague’s professional suggestion, a customer as a prime source of feedback.