Hesitatingly [adverb]

Definition of Hesitatingly:


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Sentence/Example of Hesitatingly:

Hesitatingly, and like a clumsy yokel, I blurted: I have been wondering whether you cared for the performance I gave?

No, Mildred; my violin is different from any other I have ever seen, this hesitatingly and with great effort at composure.

"I—we—we are very sorry to trouble you," said Betty hesitatingly, as the musician made no effort to break the silence.

Despair grips my heart, as I hesitatingly admit to myself the probable truth.

Weston looked at her a moment hesitatingly, and then made a little gesture of deprecation.

Maxfield stopped, hesitatingly, with his hand on the banisters at the top of the landing.

Hesitatingly she came forward, and Houston's dulled mentality at last took cognizance that a hand was extended slightly.

This question was put hesitatingly, and, as I thought, with some shy hope that it would receive consideration.

Sliding very cautiously out of the big, deep chair, Molly came walking hesitatingly towards him.

Hesitatingly they obeyed, for they realized that all hope of successful resistance was now gone.