Heterogeneous [adjective]

Definition of Heterogeneous:

assorted, miscellaneous

Synonyms of Heterogeneous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heterogeneous:

Sentence/Example of Heterogeneous:

The party at Walls End Castle, though its elements were decidedly heterogeneous, was a success.

But, just examine this heterogeneous pile of 'cigar-lights,' which rears its audacious head upon the table.

What obscured the history was the manner in which masses of heterogeneous facts were heaped together.

Other varieties of heterogeneous colloidal mixtures are tabulated by Wo.

The ponderous weight of the empire ground out racial and caste distinctions and welded together all the heterogeneous mass.

Under these conditions it is again hidden beneath heterogeneous dogmas, obscure comments, and factitious explanations.

It is a most heterogeneous compound, consisting of all sorts of fruits stewed in water.

Even aside from the pouring in of the ill-favored, the crossing of the heterogeneous is bound to lessen good looks among us.

It has been to lump together the heterogeneous mass of traditions embodied in the literature of a thousand years.

Here we note it simply as an added factor in the heterogeneous mixture of the British Colonies.