Hetman [noun]

Definition of Hetman:

officer in command

Synonyms of Hetman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hetman:


Sentence/Example of Hetman:

Next to them in the right centre the 11th Division was to push for the trenches at Hetman Chair.

Suppose the hetman had left his warriors near by, and that they should grow suspicious and come to investigate his long absence?

The hetman and many Lituanian pans were taken prisoners, and there was joy in the bulb-topped city.

He was confident that the gigantic task could be accomplished, and sent daily instructions to the hetman.

In 1610 he was deposed, made a monk, and finally carried off as a trophy by the Polish grand hetman, Stanislaus Zolkiewski.

A few days before the siege was raised the aged grand hetman died of exhaustion in the fortress (Sept. 24th, 1621).

On being released by the interposition of the Polish grand hetman, Tarnowski, he became the most violent opponent of Zapolya.

It is possible, indeed, that the Hetman made sure of destroying the Viceroy on the following day.

Let each hetman inspect his kuren; those whose ranks are not full are to be recruited from the remains of the Pereyaslavsky kuren.

Although it was Sophia who made him hetman, he was among the first to declare for Peter.