Hey [interjection]

Definition of Hey:

how do you do

Synonyms of Hey:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hey:

Sentence/Example of Hey:

Hey, don't go 'roun' dat post gitting it 'tween you and me, it's bad luck.

Und you vos go owid on der blains und catch some counterfeiters, hey?

By the way, I've just found out why you was so anxious to get into this house, hey?

He stopped in his dressing to say, "We've struck a great boarding place, hey?"

Welting a man on the head with a whip-stock ain't anything, hey?

But the land is an enemy to be feared, while the Frenchman is not—hey!

By the way, does any body know the name of the Frenchman—hey!

Maybe it saw everything from up there and was laughing to itself at all the crazy things we did, hey?

Sherman walked over to the sleeper, favoring him with a vigorous shake and the word, "Hey!"

Ought to have taken a rising vote of dudes, hey, to find out whether I had the right to h'ist my mudhook or not?