Heyday [noun]

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Thus did Alabama, mysteriously devoid of a Heisman winner through all its heydays from the award’s origin in 1935 to 2008, pick up its third in the past 12 presentations and its first for a non-running back.

Today there are only a handful of outfitters operating inside the gorge, and West Virginia sees roughly half of the whitewater-rafting tourists it saw during its heyday in the nineties, when 225,000 people would raft in the state annually.

How different the homeward journey from the intoxicating outward flight, in the heyday of the spring!

Is it for this that in the heyday of youth I walked with you to the school-house down the road!

Sternes period of literary activity falls in the sixties, the very heyday of British supremacy in Germany.

On the two occasions following he was in the very heyday of his mental strength.

He lived in the heyday of competition, when it seemed utter folly to talk about the end of competition.

For them there is in store a respect and affection—a peace and power, all unknown in the heyday of young romance.

Heyday, cried Comfort, looking up from the fire, over which she was broiling a fish.

This was also the heyday of the through freight lines which were now operating from every important western centre.