Hi [interjection]

Definition of Hi:

how do you do

Synonyms of Hi:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hi:

Sentence/Example of Hi:

Somehow, these hi-def blurts led to collaborations with the likes of Vince Staples and Madonna, swiftly bringing Sophie’s happy maximalism to the greater pop listenership she’d always hoped to reach.

A formal federal program could help by offering clear guidance on hi-fi masks.

She did the first one as a dry run a few weeks back, and it was fun to meet some Losers for the first time, as well as some loyal fans, and to say hi to some of the regulars.

Getting outside and saying hi to shops’ staff and being proactive are empowering tools against anxiety.

You’re either in over-and-out mode, or you’re in hi-this-is-a-nice-video-recording-I-recorded-several-hours-ago mode, which is like email.

Hi just hasked to learn your custom hin case hi did lose hany.

The former at least has been accentuated since yesterday, when your likeness to Hi struck me very painfully.

"Hi, those foolish young men are getting ready to ride over here," said White Otter.

The men is fair wild wid th' drink, and th' Rough Red is beside hi'self.

But mebbe up in heaven he will think of me and wait And holler "Hi!"