Hiccup [noun]

Definition of Hiccup:

diaphragm spasms

Synonyms of Hiccup:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hiccup:


Sentence/Example of Hiccup:

Still, the most recent hiccups in Facebook’s political ad system shows that some — from academics to presidential campaigns — remain concerned about the company’s transparency efforts.

Most of those hiccups happen when you’re trying to multitask.

Every hiccup and anomaly in how elections are run seems to give partisans at either end of the political spectrum a reason to accuse opponents of misdeeds.

The virtual hearing about the tech industry ended up being marred by tech hiccups.

Through it all, we experienced many successes and , of course, several hiccups along the way.

The hiccup with ultrasound is that it has had a bit of a dangerous history.

Her face was bowed forward and covered with her hands, and she was shaken at intervals by the convulsive hiccup of grief.

But he had no relief from laughter either, for it was the same he had just heard from the Sydney Duck, a sort of hiccup.

Lady Tabby Catson died soon after, leaving a handsome legacy to Mr. Hiccup, the surgeon.

Hullo, you young vaggybones,” he screeched out with a hiccup; “where be ye off ter now, hey?